Healthy Cooking-Does the cooking person’s mood effects the Eater’s habit?

Does the cooking person’s mood effects the Eater’s habit?

Hello Friends,

Have you think about any day that why you love your Mom so much. I will tell the reason it is because of her love recipe. Don’t you know what Love Recipe is? Let me explain what Mom’s love Recipe is. Every Mom in all over the world cooking for their family with full of selfless love. You know that’s why we love our Mom so much than others. This is a simple logic to understand for us about the title easily. Let us see about the logic in detail here…

I totally agree with this logic and I have read some old Vedanta stories and believing them strongly.

It is not a Single day process that eating by a certain person’s cooking and getting immediately affected.

Did you ever hear that our ancestors told that the cooking person should be very clean and in good mood? Yeah it’s true a cooking person’s mood should be calm, cheer and dedicated.

Let me share a story related to this logic…

Long ago a King invited a sadhu for his wealth related sacrifice. That Sadhu is very satvic and a good Tapasi. There was an argument between King and sadhu about the cooking person’s mood affects the eating person. King didn’t get convince. So, the Sadhu planned a trick to teach a lesson to the king. Suddenly one day King’s Golden ornament has stolen by someone. King ordered to find out the thief. The sadhu told I know who took your Golden ornament. It’s your helper who is always standing nearby you. King got shock and asked how come? He is my helper for so many years and I knew well he won’t to do such things.

At last the helper was checked by soldiers and the truth came in front of all. Yes, he stole the golden ornament. King asked Sadhu how you know that he is the thief. Sadhu said because he is eating food which is cooked by a thief for the past 10 days. So he caught by the nature and did this. Actually I have arranged all this to prove to you that THE COOKING PERSON’S MOOD WILL AFFECTS THE EATERS HABITS. I have changed the cooking person to prove.

The Sadhu said that, do you remember before 10 days a thief caught the soldiers who use to steal golden jewels from people. A thief caught the soldiers who use to steal golden jewels from people. You were in great dilemma that what punishment to give to this thief that time and you discussed with me. I told give him cooking responsibility for your helper’s home after his punishment period finished. You sent him to your helper’s home after his prison punishment period. Your helper started to eat his cooking and got affected by his mood vibrations.

Now the King got convinced for the logic totally.

Sorry to bored you all by a story and I hope you got my point. We women have the whole responsibility for our family care. We always will cook in a good mood, but sometimes we may have stress and sorrows in our mind. Those will impact our cooking and the food’s taste totally.

I am also a Mom and have a lot of worries and stress. We cannot avoid these things in our life until we learn certain tricks to ignore them. I use to listen some good melody songs or divine songs while cooking and doing other household works. I know all of us will do the same. Your love towards your cooking will change the taste drastically, this is my own experience.

So, ladies cook with a Good mood and serve with LOVE, you are the root for your family who can keep all of them happy and healthy…

With Love Radha